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Sustainable Monetization Website 01 Welcome to this series (and your three hosts) Welcome to the sustainable monetization website series Im Aurora and I work in Googles Publisher Policy Education Department My team offers users who monetize online content Explain policies, restrictions and best practices Before continuing, I want to ask you a question Do you create or manage content online and monetize it? I hope to hear your answer! Anyway, if you do I bet you have felt this way many times before Do you agree? Then continue to listen to the content of this series Because there must be something useful to you In this episode, I And me, the search champion, Organic(a) And me, publishing guru, monetization Will take you through policies, guidelines, best practices, and tools for you who are solo performers To ensure you create a sustainable monetization website There are many names that define your identity: Website owner, business owner, SEO blogger Webmaster, content creator, content manager Content marketers, publishers You may agree with some of these terms or not at all It doesn’t matter do you understand me? The web is full of terms like webmasters or publishers This may overwhelm you In short, what matters is not the name or label given But what you do After all, if you are a business owner Or blogger, on your website Provide advertising space for advertisers Then you are creating or managing content for online users And hope to generate income from it If you do both There are many things you must remember If you want your website to do well in search You have to follow some technical guidelines And if you want advertisers to be able to bid on the ad space on your page You must comply with another set of policies Sometimes, your organic search activity may receive a manual action This may affect the performance of your website Sometimes your page may be cancelled due to policy violation I wont talk about the technical aspects of SEO here.

The SEO Mythbusting series will explain the above … … Or the. Ad content policy itself You can, in the Google Monetization Policy. Lightning Talk Find out more about this. I want to talk about those policies, Guidelines, best practices and tools. They will help you have a sustainable overall online presence. What do you mean? I mean throughout the series I will revolve around navigation or unique and original content To elaborate policies and guidelines, For example, best practices to prevent policy violations And how to resolve these issues. If the policy is violated, I will discuss some tools, such as the Publisher Policy, Center Search, console and site toolkit Useful for improving your online status when they are used together, Because, although you might think The organic world and the monetized world are very different, But the Truth is no matter who you are. Everything can be condensed into this mantra: “ Focus on your users,

advertising space

Create great content.” are you still there? In the next episode, I will talk about the importance of healthy navigation Be sure to subscribe to this channel to avoid missing Like, share If there are interesting topics for future videos to suggest, you can make suggestions in the comments See you next time.

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