YouTube Cards and Annotations

Hi, I’m Tom eleni digital learning, coach at gravelly hill middle school in a flick North Carolina. This video is about cards and annotations youtube, they’re, nice ways to direct students to different content. Let your viewers see different things and kind of enhance the videos that they are watching, so you have to be logged into your account where you’ve uploaded a YouTube video, if you are when you watch your youtube video, this suite of tools will show up you click On this first one it says info and settings but think of it as an editing pencil. So I click in there will do cards first, then annotations. So here is a few things you can do, I’m going to work on cards right now, a card and already have one in here is a device to point your viewer in the direction of some more video content. Typically, so if I go to a place in the video where I know I want card 137, I want to add a card and there are channels you can put. You can put certain links, donations and then also videos and playlists, so i’ll hit create, and i want to go to not and upload, not one, it’s not a single video, but to a playlist that I’ve curated curated. This is my google classroom, playlist, and so i hit create car and now, when i get to this point in the video watch, what will happen notice suggested google classroom, so the viewer sees that and there they think. Okay. I should take a look at that. Alright, so let’s carve, let’s go to annotations. Annotations, are little bubbles that pop up, while you’re watching a video that again might direct you to some more content or could just be a text message to give you some ideas about some things. So i’m going to go to the 134 mark of this video or i know in a card, and you can edit the amount of time a card stays on screen, which is pretty cool all right there we go. Excuse me an annotation. My annotations am, I add, an annotation. You have a few options right here. I always like note and there it is, but so I will say, look this etc there we go now cool thing about. This is one I can increase the time of this card. So I want this to stick around a little longer. There you go by the tenth of a second pretty unique. I can also have it linked to certain things, not everything I can have it linked to another YouTube video in this case, we’re actually going to have it go to my Google profile and then, if you look here, this card, isn’t too isn’t big enough. Yet so I’ll make it bigger, I can change the background. I can make it red if I want. I actually like the black here, so I’m going to go with the black and the text. I can either go white or black. So obviously, in this day, white and the cool thing is now: if someone clicks on this, it will go to my Google profile. So that’s kind of neat. So now let me rewind a little bit and you see that’s on the screen there. I might move that just a little bit. Okay and now, if I want to save some changes, I just hit save and apply changes and that’s it so that’s cards and annotations in youtube. If you have any questions about that at all, i’d love to discuss hit me up on twitter at ed tech tom. Thank you so much for watching

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